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Yuan-ti Malison (Type 3)


innately cast the following spells, requiring no material components:At will: animal friendship (snakes only)3/day: suggestionMagic Resistance. The yuan-ti has advantage on saving throws against

calculated poise, and its deadly strike. Their advanced philosophy taught the virtue of detachment from emotion and of clear, focused thought.Yuan-ti culture was among the richest in the mortal

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casts this deadly weapon aside so that he can charge his enemies and gore them with his horns, trampling them into the earth and rending them with his teeth like a beast.Baphomet’s LairBaphomet

reasoned with when my rage has been stoked.”21–40“I degenerate into beastly behavior, seeming more like a wild animal than a thinking being.”41–60&ldquo

springs from a communion with fierce animal spirits. Others draw from a roiling reservoir of anger at a world full of pain. For every barbarian, rage is a power that fuels not just a battle frenzy but also

places of the world is fraught with peril: rival tribes, deadly weather, and terrifying monsters. Barbarians charge headlong into that danger so that their people don’t have to.Their courage in

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of farming of which goblins are capable and are charged with checking traps for captured people or beasts. Gatherers aren’t usually armed with weapons more deadly than a sling or a knife, but

jobs: mucking out animal pens, cleaning up after other goblins, and doing any hard labor such as digging mines. If the goblin tribe has slaves to do some of this work, the pariah families enjoy the

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focus on intellectual pursuits. These nobles turned to philosophy and prayer, offering gifts of magic and animal sacrifices to their serpent gods, paying homage to the perfection of the ophidian form. The

royal family could poison a meal and declare it “safe” after taking a bite.There are legends of certain yuan-ti infiltrating human cities and forming deadly covert societies that sell


Compendium - Sources->Mythic Odysseys of Theros

, and on the hunt she is deadly serious, almost animalistic, in her mood. She is nearly as quick to anger as her brother Purphoros, enacting swift revenge on those who harm the natural realm. Nylea

usually appears as a green-skinned dryad with woody extremities. Her hair is made of vines and leaves that change with the seasons. She might also appear as a majestic specimen of any animal, most

Chakuna's Powers and Dominion

Compendium - Sources->Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft

now lives to maintain the domain and the cycle of predator and prey. Chakuna has statistics similar to a weretiger, but her animal and hybrid forms have the appearance of a panther. Heartless. Chakuna

chapter), the Mists of Valachan are home to displacer beasts and other deadly predators that attack all creatures they meet.


Compendium - Sources->Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft

daredevil (veteran) performs with a dizzying array of flaming knives and other deadly objects. She claims that her blood is flammable and that she’s burned the hair off eighteen hecklers. The Organ Grinder

visitors to guess at the animals’ nature for a copper piece. Silessa the Snake. A dancer and animal tamer, Silessa (druid) performs with a collection of rare serpents. She claims she was born a snake and magically transformed into an elf.

Sailing the Sea

Compendium - Sources->Mythic Odysseys of Theros

. 6 Relocate settlers trying to colonize an inhabited isle. 7 Discover a safe route through deadly waters. 8 Retrace the path of a hero lost at sea. 9 Find a whirlpool that is a

on any map, making their travels a journey through the unknown. Even if the characters are shipwrecked on a well-known island, the influence of the gods, pursuit of deadly sea beasts, will of a living

Noteworthy Features

Compendium - Sources->Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft

Noteworthy Features Those familiar with Har’Akir know the following facts: Har’Akir is a land of vast deserts and deadly storms. Water is scarce beyond the land’s few oases and the city of Muhar. The

prefer to sing, dance, or play an instrument? What animal, hero, god, or past pharaoh is evoked in your favorite song? How do others feel about your performances? How do the gods feature in your life


Compendium - Sources->Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide

tattoo of their chosen style’s animal. Some bladesingers learn multiple styles and bear many tattoos, wearing a warning on their skin of their deadly skills. Cat. Styles that employ a sword belong

scattered those students who survived. Styles of Bladesinging are broadly categorized based on the type of weapon employed, and each is associated with a category of animal. Within that style are

Hill Giant

Compendium - Sources->Monster Manual

sun. Their weapons are uprooted trees and rocks pulled from the earth. The sweat of their bodies adds to the reek of the crude animal skins they wear, poorly stitched together with hair and leather

wolf companion, so as to not have to share with other tribe members. The giant eats anything that isn’t obviously deadly, such as creatures known to be poisonous. Rotten meat is fair game, though, as

Demon Lords

Compendium - Sources->Monster Manual

races would embrace their base animal savagery. The Prince of Beasts appears as a huge, black-furred minotaur with iron horns, red eyes, and a blood-soaked mouth. His iron crown is topped with the

’ flayed skins. Yeenoghu can summon a triple flail he calls the Butcher, which he wields to deadly effect or wills to fly independently into battle as he tears foes apart with teeth and claws. Other Demon

Monastic Orders

Compendium - Sources->Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide

monasteries are full of decaying, dying, and dead animal and plant specimens, which they study with detached interest. They frequently purchase rare specimens from adventurers and merchants that they

dwell, and they travel the countryside gathering information for isolated groves and fastnesses. They don’t ever seek to provoke violence, but are quite deadly when defending themselves, their charges, and their holy sites.

Geographic Features

Compendium - Sources->Ghosts of Saltmarsh

infighting. Today, Abyssal portals still sometimes draw demons to the world, and the fungal spores spread by the cult have transformed the forest into a deadly realm. Fungal Spores. The air in the forest is

successful DC 10 Intelligence (Investigation) or Wisdom (Survival) check reveals evidence that the zombie is being used as target practice. 2 A 20-foot-diameter hut made from animal bones and dry

Magical Phenomena

Compendium - Sources->Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything

forces, the subsequent effects range from whimsical to deadly. Eldritch Storm Eldritch Storms When magical currents become trapped amid winds and clouds, eldritch storms can result. Flaywind

Bathing in the spring grants a creature the benefits of the spider climb spell for 24 hours. 6 A creature that touches or drinks the water of this spring grows the tail of its favorite animal. The tail is

Outer City Gazetteer

Compendium - Sources->Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus

inflicts a heart-piercing wound, giving rise to rumors that the murders are the result of a supernaturally deadly serial killer. Pasque Enrial, a black gauntlet of Bane, is the cult’s mastermind. He

engineered the death of the slaughterhouse’s former owner so that he could take over, figuring that constant blood, offal, and animal screams would provide a suitable cover for the cult’s murderous

Thundertree Areas

Compendium - Sources->Lost Mine of Phandelver

piles of debris. Several young trees have grown up in the midst of the ruins. The overgrowth conceals a deadly threat—six twig blights lurking among the ordinary foliage. Spotting them requires a

giant spiders are sprawled near the edge of the pathway, apparently dragged there. Their bloated bodies are puckered and blistered, and appear to have been mauled by a large animal. A young green

Predator Pools

Compendium - Sources->Tales from the Yawning Portal->a5

a fine layer of shattered bone. The faint illumination from a pair of low-burning braziers reveals piles of animal skulls set around the edge of the water. Creatures. Four merrow entertain

gate stands in the corridor that leads south to the Spawn Pools. Spawn Pools The Red Wizards refocused the magic of these once-deadly pools to spawn aquatic creatures under the supervision of a sea hag


Compendium - Sources->Volo's Guide to Monsters

little amount of farming of which goblins are capable and are charged with checking traps for captured people or beasts. Gatherers aren’t usually armed with weapons more deadly than a sling or a knife

worst jobs: mucking out animal pens, cleaning up after other goblins, and doing any hard labor such as digging mines. If the goblin tribe has slaves to do some of this work, the pariah families enjoy

Tool Descriptions

Compendium - Sources->Xanathar's Guide to Everything

might seem too humble for an adventurer, a good pair of boots will see a character across rugged wilderness and through deadly dungeons. Components. Cobbler’s tools consist of a hammer, an awl, a knife, a

vehicle’s condition 15 Take a tight corner at high speed 20 Leatherworker’s Tools Knowledge of leatherworking extends to lore concerning animal hides and their properties. It also confers knowledge of

Locations on the Fortress Level

Compendium - Sources->Tales from the Yawning Portal->a1

bottom of the subterranean vault is 80 feet below where the characters stand. Creatures. Drawn by the occasional animal that accidentally falls into the ravine, three giant rats lurk in the rubble

accumulated ash of hundreds of fires, though no fire has been lit here for a few years. Inside the ash pile are a few rough-hewn spear tips of goblin manufacture and small animal bones. 2. Switchback

Supernatural Regions

Compendium - Sources->Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything

guards and wards spell (save DC 13) for the next 24 hours. 11–15 A mundane part of one random character’s surroundings—perhaps a tree bole or a stuffed animal head—animates for 1 minute and whispers a

worlds, the biomass of insects radically outweighs that of higher organisms. Mass migrations and deadly insect species can imperil larger creatures, but most insects remain nothing more than an annoyance


What is the weakest animal in D&D? ›

Lemures aren't just the lowest class of devil in D&D, but one of the weakest monsters in the entire game. While lemures may be immune to fire and poison, their pitiful Armor Class of 7 allows characters of all forms to land blows against them with ease.

What creature has the highest challenge rating in DnD? ›

(Challenge Rating: 30)

The tarrasque is notorious as the creature with the most hit points of all those featured in the Monster Manual (676 HP). The only other official monster with a challenge rating of 30 is Tiamat, the evil dragon goddess.

What is the weakest God in D&D? ›

Demigods. They are the weakest of the deities, and are able to grant spells and perform a few deeds that are beyond mortal limits. Lesser deities. These entities can perform more powerful deeds than demigods can, and have keener senses where their portfolios are concerned.

What is the most badass class in DnD? ›

The paladin is perhaps the most powerful combatant of all of D&D 5e's classes. It combines the best aspects of the fighter and cleric into a single character. Paladins get a fighter's weapons, spellcasting like a cleric, and several unique features.

What is the best class for a Dragonborn? ›

Dragonborn gain bonuses to both Strength and Charisma, which makes them more optimal for classes that want high Strength or Charisma scores like Barbarians, Bards, Fighters, Paladins, Sorcerers, and Warlocks.

How do you spice up a DnD character? ›

Dungeons & Dragons: 10 Things To Spice Up A Meandering Campaign
  1. 1 Have Something Tragic Happen To A Beloved Character.
  2. 2 Set Up A Shocking Twist. ...
  3. 3 Focus On One Of The Other Pillars For A Time. ...
  4. 4 Have The Main Antagonist Make An Appearance. ...
  5. 5 Put A Favorite NPC In Danger. ...
  6. 6 Add In An Element Of Mystery To The Story. ...
Feb 5, 2022

What class should I play in Dungeons and Dragons? ›

What Dungeons and Dragons class you should be playing as
  • Warlock. If you're someone who LOVES making up backstories for characters, the warlock is for you. ...
  • Fighter. If you're just starting out with D&D and don't want to fully commit to it, the fighter is your best option. ...
  • Barbarian. ...
  • Druid. ...
  • Bard. ...
  • Wizard. ...
  • Paladin. ...
  • Sorcerer.
Sep 7, 2022

What is the least played class in D&D? ›

“In the last eight years, as we have looked at player data, we have found that for as beloved as the Druid is from a sentiment standpoint, in actual play the Druid is the least played class in Fifth Edition of the classes that are in the player's handbook,” Crawford reveals.

What is the most overpowered character in DnD? ›

The most overpowered DnD build of all is the Bear-barian; a druid barbarian multiclass that can tank almost anything. For this DnD build players will be starting with a druid, taking Circle of the Moon at level two to allow them to Wild Shape as a bonus action and for better choices for combat Wild Shapes.

What is the most evil dragon in D&D? ›

Tiamat is a supremely strong and powerful 5-headed draconic goddess in the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. The name is taken from Tiamat, a goddess in ancient Mesopotamian mythology. She is the queen and mother of evil dragons and a member of the default pantheon of Dungeons & Dragons gods.

What is the most difficult enemy in 5e? ›

Dungeons & Dragons: 15 5e Monsters With The Highest Challenge...
  • 8 Ancient Red/Gold Dragon - CR 24.
  • 7 Marut - CR 25.
  • 6 Archduke Zariel Of Avernus - CR 26.
  • 5 Ral Tulkhesh - CR 28.
  • 4 Tarrasque - CR 30.
  • 3 Aspect of Tiamat - CR 30.
  • 2 Aspect of Bahamut - CR 30.
  • 1 Tiamat - CR 30.
Oct 4, 2022

What is the strongest CR 1 4 creature? ›

12 Velociraptor (CR 1/4)

All that being said, the velociraptor yields the highest damage of all CR 1/4 forms. Couple that with its pack tactics, which provide advantages on any attack made against a creature that is standing next to one of your allies, and you'll be slashing open bellies as early as level two.

What are the hardest DND classes? ›

The 10 Most Difficult Classes To Play In Dungeons And Dragons
  • Druid.
  • Monk. ...
  • Sorcerer. ...
  • Cleric. ...
  • Warlock. ...
  • Rogue. ...
  • Ranger. ...
  • Paladin. The easiest class for beginners on this list is the paladin, however, it is harder to play than the fighter and the barbarian. ...

Who is the most evil character in Dungeons and Dragons? ›

8 Strongest D&D Villains, Ranked
  • 8 Xanathar.
  • 7 Jarlaxle Baenre.
  • 6 Strahd Von Zarovich.
  • 5 Orcus.
  • 4 Zariel.
  • 3 Demogorgon.
  • 2 Vecna.
  • 1 Tiamat.
Mar 15, 2023

Who is the most evil god in dungeons and Dragons? ›

In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy roleplaying game, Tharizdun (/θəˈrɪzdən/) is the god of Eternal Darkness, Decay, Entropy, Malign Knowledge, Insanity, and Cold. He originated in the World of Greyhawk campaign setting but has since also appeared in other settings.

What is the baddest monster in D&D? ›

The Tarrasque is the most powerful creature in the current edition of Dungeons & Dragons and it represents the ultimate challenge for many players.

What are the least popular DnD classes? ›

In my pretty extensive experience (I travel for work, and play lots of games in many different cities), the least common character classes to play are sorcerer and ranger. Other people say druids and bards, but I see those pretty commonly, especially from more experienced players.

What is the least powerful DnD class? ›

Dungeons and Dragons: 5 Most Bad Ass Classes (& The 5 Weakest)
  • Weak: Ranger. ...
  • Bad Ass: Wizard. ...
  • Weak: Barbarian. ...
  • Bad Ass: Cleric. ...
  • Weak: Bard. ...
  • Bad Ass: Monk. ...
  • Weak: Rogue. ...
  • Bad Ass: Warlock.
Mar 26, 2020

What is the max age of a Dragonborn? ›

Age: Young dragonborn grow quickly. They walk hours after hatching, attain the size and development of a 10-year-old human child by the age of 3, and reach adulthood by 15. They live to be around 80.

What is the easiest character to play in DND? ›

The warlock is arguably the easiest spellcasting class to play, as they get very few spells at early levels. A warlock makes a pact with an otherworldly being in exchange for their mystical abilities, and choosing which pact to take is the biggest choice a new D&D player will need to make at first level.

Can you revive a DND character? ›

You touch a dead creature that has been dead for no more than a century, that didn't die of old age, and that isn't undead. If its soul is free and willing, the target returns to life with all its hit points. This spell neutralizes any poisons and cures normal diseases afflicting the creature when it died.

Can you make up your own personality traits in DND? ›

D&D is customizable in that you can create your own house rules or your own unique traits, mannerisms, habits, beliefs, and character dislikes or fears. If you are interested in the game or you just want to know more about it, below is an easy-to-understand list of traits.

What is the best level in D&D? ›

At level 20, D&D characters become nearly godlike, but some classes boast stronger high-level features than others. Level 20 is a rare threshold in Dungeons & Dragons, where players pretty much turn into gods.

What is the best level to start at D&D? ›

For first time players I always start at level one and I make it clear that, if after a few sessions, they don't like their chosen race/class/character, they are welcome to change once, no questions asked. This prevents analysis-paralysis and the fear of not liking the class they chose.

What is the easiest class to play in 5e? ›

Easiest: the champion fighter. Fighters are traditionally considered the easiest class to play. In 5e, the champion build requires the fewest decisions during play, as the abilities you gain through that build simply happen, without much need to weigh options.

What is the ideal number of D&D players? ›

As a rule-of-thumb, the best D&D parties tend to consist of around four to six players, plus the DM. This gives people enough to work with, whilst preventing the aforementioned roleplaying chaos.

What is the most versatile class in D&D 5e? ›

Bards are very deliberately the best D&D class for versatility. They are very hard to specialize, as they don't lean in any one particular direction.

What is the best low level character in DnD? ›

4 Best D&D Classes At Low Levels (& 4 That Get Good Later)
  • 3 Bards Become More Versatile As They Level Up.
  • 4 Fighters Can Hold The Line From The Start. ...
  • 5 Druids Are Beasts In The Late Game. ...
  • 6 Clerics Play An Important Role In The Early Game. ...
  • 7 High-Level Paladins Are Extremely Strong. ...
  • 8 Barbarian Can Dominate At Lower Levels. ...
May 7, 2022

What is the most broken multiclass in D&D? ›

The warlock and sorcerer are one of D&D 5e's most infamous multiclass combos. A build combining the two is often dubbed the "coffeelock." This build takes advantage of the warlock's ability to regain spell slots on a short rest and the D&D sorcerer's ability to convert spell slots into sorcery points.

Who is the strongest god in D&D 5e? ›

If knowledge is power, then Oghma would be the most powerful god in the Dungeons & Dragons pantheon. Despite his relative lack of any divine power, especially when it comes to gods that command elements or rule over regions of the cosmos, Oghma is a favorite of storytellers, inventors, and scholars as well as mages.

Who is the dragon god in D&D? ›

In the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) role-playing game, Bahamut (/bəˈhɑːmət/ bə-HAH-mət) is a powerful draconic deity, who has the same name as Bahamut from Arabic mythology.

What is the most powerful dragon color in D&D? ›

Red dragons are the largest and most powerful of the classic chromatic dragons.

Could a dragon beat a Tarrasque? ›

Yes, in combat, the Tarrasque is potentially bestable by an Ancient Dragon, and relatively easy to fight if you can fly. But bear in mind that high level adventurers and high level magic is relatively rare in The Realms. Even in 5E, only high-powered adventurers have a chance against it.

What is the most damaging spell by level 5e? ›

Meteor Swarm is undeniably the most destructive spell in the game. It's a ninth-level evocation spell with a range of one mile that requires each creature within a 40-foot radius of four points you choose to make a Dexterity saving throw.

What are the unkillable monsters in D&D? ›

An undead that has been part of D&D since the very first edition of the game, Revenants are monsters that are characterized by their unkillable nature. Beings driven by revenge, Revenants have a similar regenerative nature to Trolls, constantly healing themselves unless they sustain fire or radiant damage.

What is the lowest CR dragon? ›

As written, the lowest two Challenge Ratings for Blue Dragons in the D&D 5E Monster Manual are CR 3 for a Blue Dragon Wyrmling and CR 9 for a Young Blue Dragon.

What are the strongest gem Dragons? ›

While Red Dragons are typically considered the strongest species of Chromatic Dragon and Gold Dragons are viewed as the most powerful type of Metallic Dragon, Amethyst Dragons are lauded as being the most powerful of the Gem Dragons.

What is the highest DC poison 5E? ›

Essence of Ether: With a DC of 15, Essence of Ether has the highest save of any of the sample poisons that knock a creature unconscious.

What is the fastest class in D&D? ›

The fastest a character can be without spells would be a Monk with the mobile feat dashing. Monks in 5th edition gain a bonus to their movement up to 30ft. Wood Elves have the fastest move speed on the ground with 35, already giving our punchy boy a 65 ft per turn. With the mobile feat it becomes 75 feet.

What is the smartest class in DnD? ›

1- Wizards: academic intelligence. 2- Rogued: cunning intelligence. 3- Bards: empiric intelligence. 5- Fighter: strategic intelligence.

What is the best DnD class to fight dragons? ›

Rangers Are A Good Starting Point When Fighting D&D Dragons

In Dragonlance, DnD's Rangers have a huge advantage over other classes. The first build is the most obvious for a ranged character capable of taking on dragons: the Hunter Ranger.

What is the toughest creature ever? ›

Summary Of The 10 Toughest Animals In The World
1Mountain GoatSurviving extreme altitude
2Arctic FoxSurviving extreme cold
3Bactrian CamelSurviving extreme heat
4GiraffeSurviving without water
6 more rows
Apr 21, 2023

What is stronger than a Tarrasque? ›

Tiamat has a 26 int and wis, the tarrasque has a 3 and 11. Tiamat has plans that go well beyond what a mortal could comprehend. She's much more dangerous than the tarrasque, which is just crush, kill, destroy.

What creature is stronger than a Tarrasque? ›

When it comes to sheer height then technically the kraken with 100ft is bigger, and it's quite possible that ancient wyrms and Tiamat are also as big. In terms of power, Tiamat('s avatar) is also CR30 and better rounded, so it's possible that other gods will end up stronger and bigger than the Tarrasque by that logic.

What animal is unbeatable? ›

It's a tardigrade—the most 'indestructible' animal on Earth. Also called water bears, tardigrades can survive up to 30 years without food, live in volcanoes, and endure the vacuum of space. Researchers say they could even survive an asteroid impact like the one that led to the extinction of the dinosaurs.

What animal would never lose a fight? ›

An elephant, of course, especially an adult elephant. Elephants are the kings (and queens since they're matriarchal) of brute strength among land animals.

Which creature is immortal? ›

The 'immortal' jellyfish, Turritopsis dohrnii

To date, there's only one species that has been called 'biologically immortal': the jellyfish Turritopsis dohrnii. These small, transparent animals hang out in oceans around the world and can turn back time by reverting to an earlier stage of their life cycle.

Can a Tarrasque be killed? ›

One of these abilities is particularly worthy of note: Tarrasque can't be permanently killed unless you cast Wish or Miracle over his remains. Since you're not a level-17 caster, you're not going to be able to naturally cast either of these spells.

Who is the most powerful NPC in D&D? ›

Vecna, popular across the multiverse as the Chained God, serves as one of the most powerful entities in all of Dungeons & Dragons.

Can you wish a Tarrasque away? ›

It's perfectly within the rules to wish the tarrasque to die, or to be in the center of the sun, or into another planeof existence, and it would work fine.

What preys on Tarrasque? ›

Because the Trask was made by the primordial gods in spite of the divine gods they fought against. These things were to consume worlds and liquidate planets back to the primordial realms to be used again. Their predators are the gods themselves. Bunnies are apex predators.

Which is stronger Tiamat or Tarrasque? ›

While the Tarrasque may have the same CR rating, Tiamat is a far greater threat requiring the full range of the game's ruleset.

Why is there only one Tarrasque? ›

Some sages argued that the tarrasque was created by the primordials as a weapon of destruction during the Dawn War, with the purpose of undoing the stability instilled in the world by the gods so that the primordials could remake it. Fortunately, the primordials created only one tarrasque.

What spells work against a Tarrasque? ›

Sure, your heroes could kill a Tarrasque you ran into in a big open field with just time and some smart spell uses, but the challenge is making sure it doesn't destroy whatever town or city it's stomping through. Sacred Flame is the go-to spell of choice for killing the Tarrasque at first level.

Can you polymorph into a Tarrasque? ›

Polymorph turns a creature into another creature with CR equal to or less than the level or CR of the target, at least in 5e. The tarrasque has CR 30. No player character can reach any level higher than 20, because they don't exist. Therefore, you can't turn into a tarrasque using Polymorph.

What level should I be to fight a Tarrasque? ›

Fighting the legendary tarrasque fairly should only occur VERY late in tier 4 or around levels 18-20. The tarrasque isn't quite as formidable as it was in some previous editions, but it's still literally the highest CR creature in the monster manual.


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