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Ah, mounts! One of the favorite cosmetic items of World of Warcraft players. It's the game's tradition to add as many new ones as possible every update, so in Shadowlands, we're getting a whopping 84 fresh mounts! Of course, we can't put them all here, so we're narrowing it down to the best Shadowlands mounts with the most universal appeal. (You don't have to agree, though.)

Sinrunner Blanchy

Blanchy was a beloved character, despite being a horse. She was tangentially related to the plot up to Cataclysm, where she met an unfortunate end. Players didn't see any hide or hair of hers until Shadowlands, where she returns as a Sinrunner. Turns out she's hiding something sinister since only horses with evil deeds or masters become Sinrunners.

She can be seen running through Endmire in Revedreth at high speeds. Players can block her path to give gifts once a day. After giving six such gifts, she'll reward you with her reins which you can use to summon her as a mount. With a translucent red glow, Dead Blanchy is one mount you shouldn't miss.

Sintouched Deathwalker

This elemental mount just screams terror, perfect for anyone trying to keep people away from bothering them. A unique ride reminiscent of the Glacial Tidestorm, you're sure to turn heads while riding it. Of course, all the spikes and its foreboding atmosphere mean they turn away just as quickly.

This is a mount rewarded by the Keystone system, so it can be challenging to get. It is the Season One prize, with a few other seasons changing up the skin and color of the mount.

Sinful Gladiator's Soul Eater

Okay, no best WoW mounts list would ever be complete without one dragon in it. For Shadowlands, that is the Sinful Gladiator's Soul Eater, a ghostly dragon that's equal parts awe-inspiring and terrifying. It's no walk in the park to get, too, since it's an achievement reward for Shadowlands' PvP Arena Season One.

This mount has different recolors in subsequent seasons, but they all require you to slay in PvP. That adds to the terror, as players will know how you got the mount. It's a symbol of your achievements and is terrifying by itself.

Battle Garon Vrednic/Silessa

These two use the same model but are different colors. The ways players get them are also different. However, who doesn't want to ride into battle on a moving throne? The description on the Vrednic even says that its "mere presence instills terror to all who lays eyes upon him as it ushers its rider into battle." How cool is that?

As for the Silessa, it fought beside its rider in an incursion of Light and was made to guard a vault of riches afterward. It's not as terrifying as the Vrednic despite using the same model. However, it gives a sense of nobility and wealth with its gold-lined armor.

Vrednic is a reward from The Medallion of Dominion quest. Silessa is a bit harder to acquire. It's a reward from a chest in a hidden room in the Mirror Network. You'll also need to have tons of reserve anima and be in a covenant with Venthyr for it. Since RNG is finicky, it might take a while to obtain. Still, it's worth it to do so.

Some Honorable Mentions

Wild Glimmerfur Prowler

Foxes have a universal appeal among WoW players. Look at how popular the Lothien Prowler became as soon as it was released. Now, there's an emerald-green-tinged version of it in Ardenweald, perfect since you'll be the envy of many players when you ride it.

You can get it as a chance drop from Valfir the Unrelenting. The fight can be challenging as he has a high dodge rate and can buff that chance to become even higher. A group is recommended when challenging him. It may take a few tries, but this mount is at stake.

Shimmermist Runner

This one is more for those who love unicorns. Its horn is unusual even for unicorns, though, as it curls and twists like deer horns but only one on its forehead. All in all, it's an excellent mount for the aesthetic.

You can get it from the labyrinth at Mistveil Tangle. By taking the right turns, you can battle Shizgher at its end. He has a chance to drop the reins for the Shimmermist Runner. You'll know if you made a wrong turn since he'll disappear along with your opportunity to get the mount instead of initiating the battle at the end.

The Most Expensive WoW Mount in Shadowlands

When talking about the most expensive mounts, it goes hand in hand with the rarest ones. Here are the top 5 rarest and most valuable mounts in WoW.

The Swift Spectral Tiger

This mount is the most expensive and rarest one since it involves the long-defunct WoW TCG. It's no longer in print, so there's a limited number of 'loot cards' (those with a code redeemable for an item in the game). One of those is the Spectral Tiger card, which bears the Swift Spectral Tiger mount code in the game.

To give you a picture of its value, near the beginning of 2022, someone bought an unscratched card on eBay for a whopping $4,900. Of course, we can't say if they did so to use or resell. However, that's the highest anyone has ever spent on a WoW mount (or at least the code for one) to date.

The Spectral Tiger

The younger brother to the above, with a lower item quality (blue/rare to the Swift one's purple/epic). It comes as a pair with the above, so you'll need a code to redeem it in the game. Well, it's also tradeable in the AH, and those who have the Swift version are more likely to put this one up for sale.

Since they share the same source, it's as rare as the above mount. About 3% of players have it. Considering the thousands of WoW players, that's a small number of Spectral Tiger owners.

The Feldrake

Another WoW TCG mount, the Feldrake, is less popular than the Tigers. Still, it's as scarce as the above for the same reasons. If you have one, it's easy to get bragging rights, as about 2% of WoW players have it. That's a smaller percentage than the tigers, but it's also not as desired.

Magic Rooster Egg

Whoever wants a giant rooster for a mount will love this one. What more to say about it? You could probably use it to imagine you're riding another popular MMO's bird mount. This is the closest you'll get in WoW. It's also another TCG mount, which explains its rarity.

Amani Dragonhawk

You guessed it, it's another TCG mount. If you're looking for a unique ride that almost nobody else has, this is the one for you. It seems more like a colorful dragon-looking creature than a hawk, though it does have a beak-like snout. Also, it has no relation to that fashion brand, no matter how similar their names are.

Ride Through Azeroth in Style!

While the TCG mounts can be challenging to obtain, there are plenty of other options to choose from. WoW has had several expansions, introducing several handfuls of rides. You should have no shortage of mounts to choose from.

Remember that the 'best' is subjective, so don't worry if your favorite one isn't listed here. You're entitled to your own opinion and preferences. Have fun exploring and traveling through Azeroth with your favorite mount!

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