WoW: Shadowlands - Easy Mounts To Get (2023)

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is a massive expansion where players can learn more about the Underworld ofWoW. While some havegone quickly through the content, like the record holder for the first Shadowlands character to get to the new level cap, some have been taking their time. If new players are looking to cover more ground, they can grab themselves one of the easy-to-get mounts to make travel around the Shadowlands a little easier.

Updated May 14, 2021 by Mina Smith:There are a few new mounts to add to this list now thatShadowlands has been out for some time. This article has also been updated to include new informationand edited a little for clarity.

If players have been out of the loop for RetailWorld of Warcraft or only have a subscription to play WoW Classic's upcoming addition, The Burning Crusade, they may not have a mount in retail. There are two main types of mounts that players can get: walking mounts and those that fly. The flying mounts can really make a difference in how quickly players can move from one end of the world to the other while walking mounts improve walking speed substantially. Either way, players will want their first mount in WoW to be a quick and easy one to grab so they can get moving.

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Mists of Pandaria Mount: Grand Expedition Yak

WoW: Shadowlands - Easy Mounts To Get (1)

For those looking for a mount that is also a vendor, this easy-to-get Yak is the best possible mount. Players just have to make it to theKun-Lai Summit in Mists of Pandaria and find the village of One Keg. In this village isUncle Bigpocket, a vendor that will sell the reins to this mount for 120,000 gold.

Shadowlands Mounts: Spinemaw Gladechewer

WoW: Shadowlands - Easy Mounts To Get (2)

Thisdangerous-looking giantbug comes from the Shadowlands zone of Ardenweald. While not the best-looking of the mounts, it is a guaranteed drop from one of the elites in the area. First, players should head tothe Mistveil Tangle and look for the rare spawnamong theDeranged Guardians ridingBristlecone Terrors. Killing the Bristlecone Terrors once the Guardians have been thrown from their backs creates a chance for the rare spawn,named Gormtamer Tizo, to appear. Once players have foundGormtamer Tizo, kill him. If Chompy, a large Carapid mount, spawns afterward, players can kill it for a guaranteed drop of the Spinemaw Gladechewer mount.

(Video) 30+ Easy Mounts You Can Get in Less Than 19.1 Minutes in World of Warcraft | Shadowlands | Guide

Shadowlands Mounts: Blanchy's Reins (Sinrunner Blanchy)

This ghost horse isShadowlandsversion of the Westfall horse that was killed during the Cataclysm. Players can find this mount inRevendreth, the setting for the World of Warcraft short Afterlives. This is one ofthe few easy-to-nab mounts that players could feasibly get before level 45. Considering Apprentice Riding only requires level 10, players can get this mount as early as they can survive theShadowlandscontent.

To get this undead horse, players just have to feed it and be nice to it for six days. Every day that players go to visit this undead warhorse, it will ask for something different to eat.

  • Day 1 - 8 Handfuls of Oats (Westfall, near Saldean's Farm)
  • Day 2 - 1 Grooming Brush (Revendreth, talk to Snickersnee)
  • Day 3 - 4 Sturdy Horseshoes (Revendreth, scattered on roads in the southeast part of the map)
  • Day 4 - 1 Empty Water Bucket, filled with Clean Water (Revendreth, Get Clean Water from either Ardenweald or Bastion)
  • Day 5 - 1 Comfortable Saddle Blanket (Revendreth, purchase from Ta'tru)
  • Day 6 - 3 Dredhollow Apples (Revendreth, purchase from Mims)

After giving Blanchy the final apple, players will now have a new mount. Although it's kind of a long process, all the steps are pretty simple. Players should be able to purchase most of these items from the World of Warcraft Auction House or find them lying aroundRevendreth.

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Shadowlands Mounts: Arboreal Gulper

WoW: Shadowlands - Easy Mounts To Get (4)

Currently in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, this mount is a guaranteed drop. All players have to do is use an Unusually Large Mushroom to summon Humon'gozz and kill it. First, players just have to find the massiveMushroom, which can drop off of nearly anyenemy inArdenweald. Unfortunately, the mushroom will degrade in 20 real-time minutes, so players have to be able to get to the spawn point and killHumon'gozz relatively quickly. A group of a few friends or guildmates should make this kill swift though;Humon'gozz doesn't have a whole lot of health.

Shadowlands Mounts: Shimmermist Runner

WoW: Shadowlands - Easy Mounts To Get (5)
(Video) 10 Easy Mounts To Get/Farm WoW - Shadowlands

The Shimmermist Runner requires that players properly navigate the labyrinth at Mistveil Tangle, then fightShizgher at the end of it. If players take the wrong path, then both the mount andShizgher will disappear instead of initiating battle.

  • Enter the Maze in Oaken Assembly at31.04, 54.51
  • Go Left at the first intersection
  • Go Right at the second
  • Left at the third
  • Right at the fourth
  • Forward through the fifth
  • Then go Left at the sixth intersection
  • KillShizgher

Shadowlands Mounts: Wildseed Cradle

WoW: Shadowlands - Easy Mounts To Get (6)

Of all the mounts, this Cradle is by far the easiest. In order to get this strange-looking cradle, players will need to find some hidden stuff located aroundArdenweald. First, players need toreassemble Twinklestar's Gardening Toolkit by collecting all of the piecesand bringing them back to this NPC.

  • Gardener's Basket - On the Fountain at 40.30 52.65
  • Gardener's Hammer - Look in the cart at 39.76 54.46
  • Diary of the Night - Top platform's table at 38.99 56.99
  • Gardener's Flute - Look to the ground, near the tree at 38.49 58.07
  • Gardener's Wand - Under a cart at 38.86 60.05

Collect themand Twinklestarwill grant the player Moonsight. This will allow them to see the treasure chest nearby and allow them to open it; it's one of the many hidden Secret Treasures all over the Shadowlands map. Inside this chest will be theWildseed Cradle's reigns.

Shadowlands Mounts: Swift Gloomhoof

WoW: Shadowlands - Easy Mounts To Get (7)

Only players that have started the Shadowlands expansion and have chosento align themselves with the Night Fae Covenant inArdenweald can get this mount. So if a players is already planning to join the Court of Night, this mount will be pretty easy to grab for them. First, collect the quest fromLady of the Falls calledTrouble at the Gormling Corral. Complete all quests in this quest chain:

  • Trouble at the Gormling Corral
  • Trouble in the Banks
  • Breaking A Few Eggs
  • Tending to the Tenders
  • Unsafe Workplace
  • Gifts of the Forest
  • Tied Totem Toter
  • Well, Tell the Lady

Next, complete theTricky Spriggans questline, also from theLady of the Falls.

(Video) Easy to Get Shadowlands Mounts and How to Get Them - WoW

  • Tricky Spriggans
  • Ages-Echoing Wisdom
  • Idle Hands
  • The Sweat of Our Brow
  • Craftsman Needs No Tools
  • Spirit-Gathering Labor
  • The Games We Play
  • Outplayed

After that, complete the first ten quests of theNight Warrior’s Curse, part of theNight Fae Covenant Campaign.

  • The Speaker of Elune
  • Broken Webs
  • A Little Pruning
  • Spriggan Snares
  • The Garden of Night
  • Broken Harts
  • Archivist on the Edge
  • Curses!
  • A Secret Never Spoken
  • A Token of Lost Love

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For the most part, those looking to join the Night Fae will most likely complete these anyway, so mostArdenweald players won't have extra to do here. Getting quests done with a chosen covenant is one of thebest things for Shadowlands players to be doing after level 60 anyway.

Next, players need to find a broken Soulweb, which will be located on top of a platform, up a root, at19.8, 63.4. There will be a cart there; players just have to look behind it. Plyers should then bring the broken Soulweb back toElder Gwenna atGlitterfall Basin along with 10 Lightless Silk, and this will fix the Soulweb. Next, players need to askYsera to enchant the Soulweb, which will turn it into a Dream Catcher. This item is needed to see the Night Mare atDreamshrine Basin in the shadow realm. Once acquired, players just have to use it in the Basin, the Night Mare will appear, players have to kill the Night Mare, and finally, this mount will drop.

Shadowlands Mounts: Silky Shimmermoth

WoW: Shadowlands - Easy Mounts To Get (8)

TheSilky Shimmermoth is another mount that can be found inArdenweald. Players of any of the four new World of Warcraft: Shadowlands covenants can purchase this mount once they have completed some amphitheater battles. For seven days, players need to go to theStar Lake Amphitheatre and fight different rare elites.

The elite of the day will rotate randomly, so players will have to make sure that day's elite isn't one they have already killed. Once players have 5,000 Anima and have defeated seven differentStar Lake Amphitheatre elites, they can purchase the mount fromMaster Clerk Salorn outside of the Amphitheatre. If players are saving their Anima to purchase Shadowlands Renown, though, this may not be the right mount.

Wrath of the Lich King Mount: Bronze Drake

WoW: Shadowlands - Easy Mounts To Get (9)
(Video) 10 Easy Mounts To Get and How To Get Them In World of Warcraft

An oldie but a goodie, the Bronze Drake is a classic flying mount. While it's not as flashy as some of the new dragons, this Bronze mount has a 100% drop rate; while it's not one of the rarest mounts from Wrath of the Lich King, it certainly is the easiest to get. All players have to do is head into theThe Culling of Stratholme instance and complete it before the 15-minute timer runs out and defeat the Infinite Corruptor. That's all. The Reins of the Bronze Drake will be loot from the fight.

Shadowlands Mounts: Umbral Scythehorn

WoW: Shadowlands - Easy Mounts To Get (10)

TheUmbral Scythehorn is one of those WoW mounts that players can just buy if they are friendly with the right people. All players need for this guy is 5000 gold and to be revered with the Court of Night under the Winter Queen inArdenweald.Spindlenose sells them. If players are planning to be revered with this or any other group, check and see ifthat groupalso has a mount that can be purchased as an easy method.

Free WoW Mount: Wandering Ancient

WoW: Shadowlands - Easy Mounts To Get (11)

The Wandering Ancient will be the free mount for Shadowlands,so all players have to do is purchase Shadowlands to get this one.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlandsis now available for PC.

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